Services - Engineering Capabilities 

DeVore Aviation has long prided itself on its engineering design and development capabilities. Known as an "engineering house" since its inception in the mid-fifties, DeVore continues to recruit and bolster it's engineering staff with the best and the brightest, promoting innovation and design integrity. Fully 1/4th of DeVore's employees are a part of our engineering and drafting department, specializing in the following areas:

  • electrical engineering
  • software design and engineering
  • structural and design engineering
  • mechanical engineering.

Project designs are completed utilizing CAD systems, producing engineering manufacturing data and electronic data interchange resources. DeVore's engineers are accustomed to addressing unique design and manufacturing requirements, primarily in the areas of weight, cost and reliability. Our small size allows us to respond rapidly to customer requirements, facilitating rapid turnaround times and comprehensive customer support. DeVore engineers are well versed in FAA requirements (such as TSO and STCs) and are experienced with both composite and sheet metal structures interfacing with high voltage electrical and lighting systems.

DeVore Aviation welcomes the opportunity to discuss unique engineering requirements with existing and potential customers. Please feel free to contact us at (505) 345-8713 to discuss your particular application requirements and how DeVore might assist your company.   

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