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January, 2014

Announcing New STC for the Agusta AW119 Helicopter

DeVore Aviation is pleased to announce receipt of STC for a LED Tel-Tail Rotor Floodlight kit for the AW119 model. The new kit is approved for all series of the AW119 Helicopter. The kit includes 2ea LED light assemblies, 1ea LED control box and all the requried wire harness and hardware for the installation. The Kit is STC'd under SH4676SW, part number 10900001-5.

DeVore Aviation is pleased to annouce that we are in the final design stage of our NEW all LED Tel-Tail Rotor Floodlight, FFRL, Main Rotor Illumination kits for the AW139 Helicopter. DeVore will be offering two kits for this helicopter. The first kit will be for just the FFRL which will have the built in feature of both Pulsing or Steady State. The Second kit will be for the all light kit. Be on the look out for these kits to be avialable at the end of the 1st quarter, 2014.

DeVore has posted, on our front page, a web-site video of an R44 equipped with DeVore Lights in flight, on approach and on the ground so you can visually embrace the benefits that DeVore Lights provide in every phase of flight.  

In upgrading to DeVore R44 all LED lights, your R44 will benefit by:

  • FFRL lights provides greatly improved airborne recognition while in pulse mode and will greatly assist the landing light while in the steady state mode.
  • Tel-Tail Lights in the pulse mode greatly improve airborne recognition from the side and from behind as the R44 is otherwise very dark while airborne.
  • Tel-Tail Lights in the steady state mode greatly upgrade safety of night ground operations as the small invisible tail rotor will be very illuminated.
  • Fuselage Flood Lights illuminate an otherwise dark logo, emblem or badge for instant recognition.
  • R44 LED lights are Zero maintenance with no lamp replacement and come with a three year warranty.
  • DeVore R44 FFRL Lights are expandable and upgradable. Install the Forward Facing Recognition Lights this year and you will always have the option to upgrade to Tel-Tail or Fuselage Flood Lights at a later date at a very reasonable price.

R-44 FFRL Specs

R-44 Tel-Tail Specs


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